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Tuesday, April 15th at 6PM   Von Braun Center, North Hall


Awareness Ministry is proud to accept your online registration for our upcoming Christ our Passover Event On Tuesday, April 15, 2014 @ VBCC, North Hall, 6-9p.m Huntsville, Alabama. Click on “Register” link above or visit our new online store at  Registration is mandatory prior to attendance.

Robert S. Somerville – Director


Who Attends?


Attendees to this event are from many streams of the Christian faith. Even people from other religious faiths have come to learn of the deeper things of our Christian faith. The pattern for the Christ Our Passover Unity Banquet is found in the types and shadow of the Old Testament (Hebrews 10:1). Passover, Pentecost, and Tabernacles were the unity feasts of Israel. Annually, God’s people from every tribe came together in unity and corporate worship. In like manner, a wide variety of Christians in our city, from many congregations, are now putting these prophetic lessons into practice by joining hands and hearts in corporate celebration “Christ our Passover lamb has been sacrificed, therefore let is keep the feast of Passover.” (1 Corinthians 5:7-8)




Pastor Rusty Nelson

Rock Family Worship Center

Huntsville, Alabama


The Reverend Frank Broyles

Faith Presbyterian Church


Dr. Moishe Rosen

Founder, Jews for Jesus Ministry

San Francisco, California

“This event is one that crosses the barriers of Church denominations and allows us to come as one through our Passover Lamb, Jesus Christ. I encourage the Body of Christ, throughout the entire region, to come and ‘keep the feast’ together at the Christ Our Passover celebration.”


“I continue to marvel at the unique contribution the Christ Our Passover event brings to our city – and region! It has a way of creatively uniting the Body of Christ while at the same time linking Hebrew and Christian sensitivities and understandings of the world God has created and continues to create! Who knows what ‘new thing’ the Holy One will bring about this year through this most meaningful celebration of unity!

"I have conversed and corresponded with Reverend Somerville and I am convinced that he is not only an orthodox, charismatic Christian in the truest sense of the word, but that his understanding of grace as a doctrine is absolutely scriptural. With the scriptural understanding of grace, he has added a new dimension of joy to Christian worship by incorporating those element of celebration which are scripturally Jewish"  [2/28/2005]





Dr. Rick Owen

Pastor, Trinity United Methodist Church

Alan Weatherly

Senior Pastor, Asbury United Methodist Church

Dr. John L. Herndon, Pastor

Fellowship Presbyterian Church ( USA )

I commend The Christ Our Passover event as a celebration of our spiritual and historical heritage with the Jewish tradition of the Exodus.  In the sharing of a meal, the proclamation of the Word, and the unity of the church you are reminded that, "Christ our Passover is sacrificed for us." 1 Corinthians 5:7.


“The Christ Our Passover celebration affords an excellent opportunity to demonstrate the unity of the Body of Christ in the Huntsville area. In the context of the Jewish Passover Feast, participants gather to break bread, worship, and celebrate the prophetic fulfillment of the Passover in our Lord Jesus Christ. This is truly a wonderful gathering.”


“I am delighted to enthusiastically endorse the Christ Our Passover celebration. In my opinion this activity has made a significant impact on the Christian community in helping them gain a clearer understanding of the history of the Judeo-Christian roots of the Christian faith. A number of former participants have commented to me how helpful this event has been in enhancing their understanding of the faith.”






Come let us celebrate and learn together, both Jew and Gentile

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